Island Vis, the beauty of limpid waters and protected submarine world rich with sunken ships and magic marine images that has been hidden for years.
Sail out with us to nameless bays, to Biševo, to the Blue Cave, the gam of the Adriatic, famous for its unique iridescent reflection of shades of blue and silver that delight the visitors.

The island Vis appertains to the Adriatic type of Mediterranean climate characterised by hot, dry summers and mild, humid winters. Average annual temperature is over 16°C. Average summer temperature is a grade or two lower than the coastal temperature, and a grade or two higher in the winter. Average annual precipitation quantity is ca 800 mm per m2, a bit less than on the neighbouring islands and the main land. Due to its geological structure, the island has more fresh water springs than the neighbouring islands.

The island Vis is the most distant bigger island in the group of Middle-Dalmatian islands. It placed is 45 km from the main land, and 8-km wide Vis channel divides it from the island Hvar. The surface of the island is 90.3 km2, and the surface of the Vis archipelago (Palagruza, Biševo, Sv. Andrija, Budihova, Jabuka, Brusnik, etc.) is ca 103 km2. The length of the coast of Vis is ca 77 km. Vis is connected to Hvar, Split and Ancona (in the summer) by regular ferry lines.